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Why Partner with Us

Building Lasting Partnerships

As an emerging brand we strive for excellence when it comes to building lasting relationships with industry leaders. Building lasting relationships is aimed to help our partners offset country-wide vacancies, prolonged vacancies, help reduce tenant turn-over costs, decrease unit damages, and increase overall community experience. 

What We offer


Guaranteed Rent

When partnering with us you're guaranteed income for the duration of the lease. No headaches with tenants losing jobs, delayed payments, and no emergency reserves for making rent. You can sleep as well as our guests do knowing you have a stress-free guaranteed rent payment every month.

Reduced Wear & Tear

We work with professional cleaning services to deliver on premier cleaning solutions for your property. Many landlords are in shock after a multiyear tenant moves out and they see the condition of the property. Our cleaning staff makes sure the property is always in A+ condition daily for our guests. With high-end furnishings we strive to protect your investment as much as ours so a well cleaned and maintained property is a top priority of ours. 

For Lease Sign

Say Goodbye to Vacancies

With the capacity to operate anywhere from 5-100 units at once saves you the cost/time of finding a different tenant for each unit and collecting payment from multiple different people. If you're looking to sell your apartment/multi-family and have vacant units, give us a call and we will fill them, that way you can get a higher Cap Rate on your sale.  If you're looking for a professional operation to partner with on multi-year leases then we will be more than happy to review 2-4+ year lease terms.

Zero Turnover Cost

Whether it's time to sell or find a new tenant you won't have to worry about:

1. Costly turnover fees and repainting/repairs.

2.  Scheduling around tenants.

3. We can even help stage a home free of charge and even give our professionally taken photos of your home if you choose to list it for sale!

4. Listing fee/ Brokerage fees for finding new tenants.

5. Dreaded long-term vacancies.

6. We can even help you background check new tenants after us. 

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