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Preventative Security Measures

We ensure all of our Base's are equipped with security devices to ensure the safety of all of our communities by employing these post-confirmation protocols. 

House Intercom

Ring Camera for Front Door Surveillance

All properties are quipped with Ring Doorbell security cameras at the front door of every unit. This protocol allows Staybase's Trust and Safety Manager to enforce occupancy, arms and behavioral rules. 

(Property permission to install is required)

Smart Lock for Unit Access

This Protocol controls access to any Staybase unit by providing guests with a one-time code only valid for the duration of a guests reservation. A separate unique code is given to our Partners so we never interrupt regularly scheduled maintenance of units.

(Property permission to install is required)

Digital Security System
Party People

Noise and Smoke Detector

We employ smoke and noise detectors in every unit to ensure that our guests are never in violation of community standards. Protection of our neighbors and community well being is our number one priority. Smoking will result in $1000 fine to our guests to go towards deep cleaning and odor mitigation services. Noise monitoring systems will alert our Safety Managers if noise levels exceed 75dB. We operate off of a 3 strike rule–the guest is notified of the first infraction, a second violation will result an automatic removal if violated for a third time. 

(Property permission to install is required)

Smoke detector.GIF
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