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Positive Community Experience

We love working with groups that offer a unique and dynamic social setting that caters to their community residences so that we can help connect the world. We believe a strong community is one that loves engaging with it's neighbors. 

Industry Vets

We take trust and respect very seriously. Above everything, our relationships with current landlords and owners are one of trust; so that you may entrust us to deliver on your properties. Your property becomes our full responsibility and it is in our best interest to maintain its upkeep.

Sunset Surfing
Cleaning Hotel Room

Pre-Screened Cleaning Staff

Our cleaning crews are all vetted from trusted sources like who prescreens all of their Pros. This enables us to have the most quality control over our cleaning standards and maintain professional level cleanliness after each stay. Our staff is trained to focus on the most minuscule of details because we know how important cleanliness is for 5-Star Reviews.

Supporting Local Communities

Staybase supports local communities by engaging with them and promoting sustainable housing practices. We do this by offering a blog on our website that anyone locally can access to see what's going on around town. We even are always on the look-out for local businesses that are running events or specials that our Base communities can take advantage of. 

Promoting Sustainable Housing Practices

Staybase promotes sustainable housing practices to reduce environmental impact. One example of how we do this is through sourcing our soaps and personal hygiene products through vendors who implement sustainable practices into their products. We also implement LED lighting as often as we can and set limits on all smart thermostat controls to ensure sustainable practices are curating in all of our Base's.

Contributing to Corporate Social Responsibility Goals

Partnering with Staybase can contribute to a company's corporate social responsibility goals by working with trusted partners to help them bring ideas to the table by collecting meticulous feedback from our guests in how we can work with you to improve the community we share together. 

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