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Our Mission

To create a diverse ecosystem of partnerships that allow communities to thrive in environments that are suitable for professional travelers.


Staybase is a premier service to help bridge the gap between corporate travel and travelers alike to find economical accommodations that far surpasses traditional lodging that is prevalent in today's marketplace. We have partnered with Residential and Commercial Landlords, Real Estate Investors and Property Managers with our Master Lease Partnership Agreement. Guaranteed Income for the Owner of the property, no worries about tenants defaulting on rent with no ability to evict.


We offer flexible lengths of stay and can even work with you for late check-ins and check-outs as we know the world is always spinning no matter what. 

Fast WiFi Access

All of our Bases come equipped with working spaces and fast internet speeds so you can never skip a beat while working on the road

Neighborhood guides

We strategically set up Bases to place you near the best places to eat and entertainment. We can deliver a crafted thread to show you all the hot spots near you.

24/7 Customer service

We make sure that our guests have access to get all questions answered around the clock!

high end amenities

One huge advantage to staying at our Bases are our ability to deliver a crafted experience with our partners to ensure you get first class amenities.

Creating Communities Together

We work with an array of different partners to ensure we're creating strategic partnerships that develop strong community branding for a truly unique experience for our travelers.


Partnering with single-family homeowners is always a joy to offer them a unique approach to protecting their property compared to a traditional long-term tenant.

Safety & Security

We take Great Pride in being welcomed into a new community and we bring the same level of community responsibility to the table that you would find with a Shepard's sheep dog. We make it our corporate responsibility to ensure that all of our guests and neighbors have an uncompromised experience. 


Community Protection

Preventative Security Systems

Security Cameras
Group of Friends

Positive Community Experience

Our Story

Public Speaker

Coming from the corporate world and being avid world travelers we understand the needs of business travelers better than anyone else. Knowing all too well about being on the road for work we understand the frustrations of being stuck in hotels and the lack of options for quality accommodations that are typically available. That's why we strive to provide business travelers the best in corporate lodging, with a focus on guest amenities and comfort, full workspaces, and flexible lodging options.

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